The Ultimate Giveaway Item

Shelf life is king with any promotional item. Our Dot Stud Finder is the epitome of long shelf life. Not only is it a very cool tool, it's the strongest fridge magnet that most people will ever own. So even if they don't want a stud finder, people will keep a strong magnet. And ours is very strong. Not only will people hold onto it, it will most likely be displayed on their fridge. This means your business stays top of mind for your customers as well as advertises to any friends and family who may come by. It's not just a giveaway; it's a long-lasting billboard and reminder of your exceptional brand. Make an unforgettable statement that sticks around! (Pun intended)


If you're interested in utilizing our tools as a promotional item, reach out to us via email to discuss pricing options and the process. We do offer an inexpensive, small first order for you to test it out! We are eager to show how our high-quality tools can complement your promotional strategies and provide you with the best value for your marketing campaigns. Feel free to connect with us, and let's get started on a partnership that stands out!